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Only for reward from Almighty Allah..

The Best Islamic Presentation
The Best Islamic Presentation
(Pillars of Islam, Muhammad pbuh, Jesus ,Almighty God, Quran)


Powerpoint ppt Islamic Presentations


Learn Arabic Alphabet writing

                                              5 pillars of Islam                                               

F.A.Q About Islam

" Frequently Asked Quetions About Islam"

                              Learn Arabic Letters                                      
An easy show to teach you Arabic letters with sound

Funeral Procession & Burial

A clear demonstating flash of how to process funeral and bury the deceased in Sunnah.

Funeral Prayer

Animated Graphics of how to perform Funeral Prayer (Salat Aljanazah)

Washing & Shrouding the Deceased

Exciting show of how to wash & shroud the deceased as mentioned by Sunnah,


Step by step, learn how to do ablution as mention by Sunnah.

Prayer - Beginners Level

The Beginners Level of the right way to pray


                                Prayer - Advanced Level                                                        
The right way to pray as mentioned by Sunnah


Death in Quran

Every soul shall have a taste of death

New Muslims: From The Dark to The Light Of Islam
New Muslims: Alhamdoulillha,

The Last Breath Song

    Islam VS. Christianity                                            

Islam is the religon of peace, the religon of toleration. But ever wonder that Islam always got into trial.

Everything for Allah

  Trust in Allah                                                                 

We Shall Show Our Protents

" We shall show them our protents on the horizons and within themselves until it will be manifest unto them that it is the truth. Doth not thy Lord suffice, since he is witness over all things?" (Surat Fussilat, Ayah 53)

The Miracles of Quran

overview of some scientific facts that was discovered recently whearas these facts have been stated in Quran as one side of miracles of the holy Quran


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